Intensive Vegetable and Fruit Production Training

Short Technology Course on Abaca Production

CRTD disseminates agricultural technologies mainly through conduct and management of technology training courses and orientation for PBSP-assisted farmers and other clients. A training center with conference venues and support facilities to conduct technology courses on Integrated Farming Systems (IFS Technology Course), as well as short courses on specific commodities and other agricultural technologies. Results of CRTD's on-field researches and technology validation are packaged and dessiminated. Technology and Information Materials such as manuals, technology brochures and newsletters are also published. CRTD demonstrates existing models of integrated farming systems and the technologies it has developed through the years.

Farmers' Information and Technology Services (FITS) Center

CRTD aslo operates the Farmers' Information and Technology Services (FITS) Center for people who are eager to learn more about farming. The center houses a large collections of booklets, manuals, publications, technology brochures and audio visual materials covering a wide range of agricultural subjects. The center is open to the public for free.